The Career Path to Become an Animator – A Demanding Trend in Digital and Media Industry

Animation industry is one of the fastest growing industries today – not only in Middle East and United States but across the globe. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014-2015 Occupational Outlook Handbook (,The Career Path to Become an Animator – A Demanding Trend in Digital and Media Industry Articles there were about 64,400 multimedia artists and animators in the US in 2014 with employment expected to 68,300 by 2024. There is no wonder that job opportunities is growing for animation industry.

A degree in animation is not something that’s usually, like any profession or career, achieved in short span of time. The footstep towards this career takes a great deal of love, hard work, passion and dedication to the art form – and once the person continuously love the profession, then it’s going to be completely worth it.

How to know that being an animator is the right career for one person? Aside from the artistic skills and talents, having the passion in arts and seeing it come to life is an important ingredient. An animator, be it a beginner or professional should always have the strongest weapon – and that’s creativity and imagination. Being an animator is not also all about being creative and imaginative at all times, moreover it is the willingness to discover and eager to learn new things. Truly, animation is endless and infinite as there are always new innovative things to discover. So, animators should always feed and hungry to learn something new.

There are many animators in the industry who have taken different artistic paths. It only proves that being an animator does not stop at one place. Indeed, having a career path in animation industry can lead to a wide range of job areas – from films, cartoons, education, advertising, internet, television, gaming, medical, virtual reality, engineering, e-learning, architectural and many more.

Being an animator could also be a stepping stone to become a lead animator, animation directors or perhaps an animation special effects lead. Remember the saying from Pixar “Computers don’t animate. People do”.

Pixelhunters is collaborating with different universities and colleges across the UAE from the last couple of years for different educational activities. As we always advised to the students taking up animation degree, deciding a career field is both challenging and exciting. That’s why, it is an advantage that before making a commitment, students should know that they are pursuing a profession that suits their personality and characteristics. We never know maybe you can be the next Pixar or Disney lead animator.

For all the students and professional artists in UAE as well as the other countries who possess strong interest in digital arts or aspiring to become a professional animator someday, showcase your digital artwork by joining Middle East Talents Awards – an online competition for digital arts. Pixelhunters supports the digital arts industry and META competition hopes to strengthen the industry by developing the talents of new upcoming artists.

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